01/11 -

Santander Consumer Bank, Mönchengladbach

Project Manager for Loan Loss Reserve and also Interfaces for the Regulatory Reporting by using SAP BW and Samba at Isban DE (Santander Group) in the Department Risk Methodology Decision.


System environment: IBM AIX - SAS DWH, IBM z/OS - TSO/COBOL/DB2


07/09 - 12/10

Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt

Project Manager (CMMI/QMS) of the following project: Business objectives are the implementation of legal requirements resulting from the EU Consumer Credit Directive which is affecting the Consumer Finance credit portfolio. Calculation & print of an up-to-date Repayment Plan on demand during duration of the credit. Prepayment Penalty data: Calculation, display, printout, logging and booking triggered by a simulated redemption or an unscheduled payment considering defined exception criteria. Implementation of calculation of Repayment Plan and Prepayment Penalty as Webservices using msgGillardon calculation kernel to ensure later reusability in other Business contexts, e.g mortgages.

System enviroment: IBM MVS/DB2/TSO/ISPF, Batch/CICS, MQ Series Sun Solaris, BEA Weblogic Server, Web Services


08/08 -06/09

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt


Project Management Sale of Loans to SPV, Credit Linked Obligations securitization,pledged to Central Bank (ECB) as collateral for better refunding conditions. Creating of mirror transaction bookings for the accounting of the SPV.

System environment:



08/07 - 07/08

Commerzbank, Frankfurt


Interim Manager New Product Committee (Area Investment Banking) at Commerzbank Frankfurt, NPC (New Product Committee) – Coordination of voting groups in the department Accounting and Taxation to check if infrastructure & regulatory requirements for new OTC (investment banking) products (structured financial instruments) are met.


09/06 - 08/07

DWS Fund Management subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt


Co-lead of project management concerning the Project Data Archiving of four legacy system for legal and regulatory requirements. Data Archiving project at DWS with regard to decommissioning of legacy systems for fund management according to legal requirements / accounting principles(HGB, KAG, InvG, InvStG and AO) as well as special taxation requirements as to the principles of data access and the auditability of digital data.


03/06 - 08/06

Business Analysis in the area of Exchange Traded Derivatives


Derivatives at dwpbank (e.g. Derivatives at EUREX). Porting Dresdner Bank Programs to dwpbank, Frankfurt, using UBIX ( Ubitrade ) as frontend at WestLB and Dresdner Bank. Business accessment of Derivative Data Pool seated on the IBM Host System, which provides all the information for diverse purposes. Implementation of Customer Information (for dispatch), "Customer Statementof Realized Profit and Loss", "Customer Statement Margin Requirements" as well as “Customer Statement CorporateAction" for existing contracts.


System Environment: TSO, COBOL/DB2


09/05 - 03/06

IAS/IFRS Reporting at the DKB in Berlin Business Analysis IAS Implementation Short project description: - Rules for assignment of impersonal (real) accounts - Additional assignment criteria Balance Sheet - IAS-Accountings - Influence Concern Position Catalog - IAS39 - Valuation and Hedge-Accounting - Link-up Financial Accounting - Creation of IAS Table of Accounts / Reporting Requirements Creating interface to the host system; mapping to IAS Accounting rules; mapping to the host system for cash movements and mapping to IAS Accounting.


System environment:

Sun Solaris, IAS Toolkit and IBM Mainframe.


06.05 - 08.05

Self study


Securities processing and IT infrastructure Quality assurance management,COBOL / PL1 / DB2 - development environment, smart sourcing, selective sourcing, outsourcing, insourcing, offshore development.


03/05 - 05/05

Bank Al Bilad, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Supported the set-up of a completely new bank concerning software and hardware from scratch. Responsible for the quality assurance in implementing Reuters 3000 Ticket Interface (MM/FX) between Temenos Globus (a full intern. banking system) and Reuters and particularly for the interface (MQ Series) between Temenos Globus and Stelink (Stercia). Executed tests of this interface, particularly in checking accuracy and processing of in- coming & outging SWIFT massages. International team with consultants coming from more than 10 countries.


System environment:

IBM AIX, Temenos GLOBUS, Stelink, Reuters 3000, MQ Series & Broker, DB2, Sybase, MS Office


01.05 - 02.05

Xchanging - European Transaction Bank, Frankfurt-Sossenheim Consulting at QI IRS-Reporting - Qualified Intermediary especially set-up of Business Specs / Functional Specs for elimination of special treatment for Portfolio Management Accounts.


System environment:



07/04 - 12/04

Xchanging - European Transaction Bank, Frankfurt-Sossenheim Coaching/Training and Insourcing of Securities Processing and Settlement for a new client (Data Mapping & Migration) Planning - Citibank. Organising and holding workshops with the client. Analyzing bank business processes with the client. Design of IT-architecture and measurement of the necessary technical IT-infrastucture (Batch/Online)


System environment:

IBM MVS, COBOL, CICS, DB2, SQL, IMS DB, Lotus Notes, MS Office


11.01 - 06.04

Deutsche Bank, Eschborn Area Investment Banking & Transaction Services (db trader) Interfacing security settlement system at service provider for client processing. In the area of Investment Banking and Transaction Services analysis and migration of client master, transaction & custody data in a real time system. Global Markets Migration from AIXto MVS and inside of MVS. Set-up of several test environments & testing tools. Analysis of Securities Processing & Settlement in a multi-entity system andset-up for numerous entities. The db trader system is based on a rational database (DB2).


System environment:

IBM MVS, COBOL, CICS, DB2, SQL, IMS DB, MQ Series, AIX, Lotus Notes, MS Office


07/99 - 10/01

European Transaction Bank, Frankfurt-Sossenheim


In the area of Investment Banking and Transaction Services insourcing of the settlement systems of (security) banks & business analysis as well as design of interfaces of the transaction bank to the client. Analysis of the Securities Processing and Settlement of the client. Organization of work shops with the client, analysis & migration of master and transaction data (cash trades) in a real time system. Documentation of the standard interfaces in HTML.


System environment:

IBM MVS, COBOL, CICS, DB2, SQL, IMS DB, NT, LINUX, JAVA, MQ Series and SNA, Lotus Notes, MS Office


03.99 - 06.99

Bavarian State Bank (Bayerische Landesbank), Munich


Feasibility study for the optimization of own account (principal on own account) trading in the public bank sector. Execution analysis of the existing infra structure and description of processes via the Aris tools. Recommen- dations of the optimized future process. Presenting alternative solutions with the provision of only one time of trade entry. Examining of interfaces to regulatory reporting of front and back office systems for various product types. (KAR & MaH)


System environment:



07/98 - 02/99

Commerzbank, Frankfurt


Analysis of Summit software package at Commerzbank, especially the 'EXOTICS' module. Interfacing of SUMMIT Exotic Exotic trades = Exotic Options, Swaps and other Customised Interest trades (SUMMIT Rate Derivatives) to a common trading data pool, i.e. extraction of SUMMIT data (Exotic trades) transfer to the standardised global trading data pool (data warehouse) Environment of the interfacing: SQL queries for determination and selection of specific products. The selection criteria for the specific products(e.g. CMS Swaps, Reversed Floaters, Spread Corridors/Options, Digital/Barrier Options, Single/Two Strike Caps, Collars and Swaptions, etc.) had to be tested in order to determine the applicable mapping procedures (done by other team members).Reconciliation of mapping rules.


System environment:

SUN SOLARIS,WINDOWS NT, IBM MVS, COBOl, C, C++, Sybase, DB2, SQL, Visual Basic


02.97 - 06.98

Deutsche Bank, Eschborn


Preparation of savings accounts in the daily eod processing to the EURO. Analysis and concept, customization of the data structure for parallel accounting cycle, converting of data out of old IMS systems into the new IMS-system, data modelling, execution of UAT- and system tests, enhancement of interfaces to online processing and to other business areas.


System environment:



07.96 - 02.97

BHF Bank, Frankfurt


Programming in the area securities nostro. Appliance of settlement adjusted / valuta adjusted bookings (6. KWG Novelle / new principle I).


System enviroment:



02.96 - 06.96

Hessisch-Thüringische State Bank (Landesbank), Frankfurt


Feasiblity study in the area of securities-nostro as decision basis for the migration of an Assembler package to an application based on Adabas/Natural for valuta adjusted booking / FX evaluation, analysis and presentation of the results.


System environment:

IBM MVS, TSO, Adabas/Natural


11/95 - 02.96

Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt


Application development in the loan/credit section change of condition as marketing instrument. Realization.


System environment:



05.95 - 11.95

DG Bank, Frankfurt


Set-up of a 5-year SW/HW life cycle in the bankin FX (options) dealing and FX forward contracts. Selection of a front office system for money market andFX dealing for 60 desks in Frankfurt and additional in London, New York and Hong Kong, planning / software selection / documentation.


System environment:

Sun Solaris, IBM MVS


02/95 - 04/95

GZS Bank (Credit Card Organization), Frankfurt


Application development in FX-Settlementsector. Realization.


System environment:



10.94 - 01.95

Siemens-Nixdorf (SNI)

Business evaluation of Front-Office bank software FINIS for the international retail bank industry.


System environment:

Windows NT, Smalltalk


1990 - 1994

Investment Bank Nomura, Frankfurt


Subsidiary of Nomura Securities, Tokyo

Senior System Analyst, 1991 promoted to Assistant Vice President Implementation of a custody system, which maintains custody position for accountsand securities and provides information for the comprehensive supervision of coupon dates as well as corporate action and associated processes on theoretical basis.

Set-up of an interface for maintenance of own securities (firm accounts) according to legal requirements of the DWZ Deutsche Wertpapierzentrale (CBF = Clearstream Banking Frankfurt). Enhancement of the security settlement and integration of an affiliated institute, set-up of a data connection to CBF. CBF introduction of the new Interface in ISO-SWIFT-Format for contract notes. Automated contract note and settlement matching, Transfer of settlement data into the accounting system.

Substitution of the old book keeping system by implementation of a new international banking system (IBS, McDonnell Information Systems), integration of IBIS into the back office system by enhancement of the settlement system.

Implementation and enhancement of software for regulatory reporting requirements (principle I und IA) according to the derivative security trading. Integration of Futures, Options, Derivatives (DTB (EUREX) / Rolfe & Nolan) by setting up an interface between Futures and Options settlement and bank accounting in the business area of derivative products.

Set-up of LZB ELS (online interface to the Bundesbank) including connection to the network of cash online transfer via ELS.


System environment:

Hitachi, PC-Network, Netware, Token-Ring, NOVELL, DEC VAX, VMS, Clipper, COBOL.


1985 - 1990

Accounting firm (KPMG)


Auditor at international banks (Supervising Senior) - 3 years

Management Consultant (today Bearing Point) - 2 years



Issue of commercial procuration


Consulting at the merger of two international bank subsidiaries in Germany. Analysis, feasibity study / initial concept for security processing and delivery as well as set-up of a prototype based on a rational database, design and development of application software for security processing and delivery under Oracle, SQL*PLUS, SQL*FORMS, SQL*REPORT on NCR / UNIX. Responsible for internal IT-projects, especially for the VS WANG installation.

Various enhancements and repeated use of audit software for financial statements (audit of accounts) with IBM / 36, IBM 4381 under Cobol. Different seminars in SAP / ABAP at SAP.


1984 - 1985

Service Provider (UNISYS) Consultant Service, Project Banks


Development of a software solution for mutual saving banks, software package "Unibank". Design and programming of applications for the loan business,new database design for the credit business.


System environment:

OS/1100, Cobol, Delta program generator.


1982 - 1984

Service Provider Travel Industry, Assistant of the managing director


Set-up of a mini computers for a regional tour operator. Design of software for the tour operation. Selection and implementation of software packages for accounting and human resources.


1981 - 1982

Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt


Development of modules for human resources system (PDS) with COBOL.


System environment:

Siemens BS 1000, BS 2000.